Saturday, December 27, 2008

Good-bye 2008.....Hello 2009!!!

It’s been a busy Holiday Season but it’s now coming to a close as fast as it arrived. Kel and I had a wonderful Christmas spending time with family, friends, and Princey. We had friends over for lasagna and dessert one weekend. We had Secret Santa with Kel’s family, dinner at the Depot in Dobson and some home-made banana pudding here at our house the next weekend.

Christmas day was a busy one too!! We had breakfast with Kel’s family and then came home to pack the car for Reidsville. The Carroll’s had lunch at my aunt and uncle’s; then Kel and I headed by the nursing home to visit Gran. Finally, we made our way to my parent’s for a short visit.

Today, we spent the afternoon “un” decorating. We still have two trees left to go but it’s getting there.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Time is Here!

"The Doll Tree"

....and the BIG tree is finally trimmed!!!

Bon App├ętit!