Monday, June 28, 2010

Dinner with the Birthday Girls

Happy Birthday Nancy and Jenny!!! We enjoyed dinner with Nancy, Jenny, William and Debbie at the Depot in Dobson. Fabulous food and a beautiful place to be!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

fun in the sun!!!

Debbie and William came down to the lake today - we roasted hot dogs over the fire and went out for the afternoon on the pontoon. Great day to be out on the lake and we all got a little sun!!!

Billy and Dee


Terry Sr. and Kat

Terry and Andrea

My poor, pitiful legs

Friday, June 11 - game day...again. Seems like everyone fell in our game - seriously half of our team (excluding me) fell during the game. And we lost... The next team came in and needed one more girl to play, otherwise they wouldn't be able to play. Stupid me volunteered, they played me on 2nd base. LOTS of action, I did pretty good other than one miss. Went for a hard hit ground ball, got too low for my old self and ate a little dirt - dashed forward and majorly skinned my knees and REALLY strained some muscles I didn't know I have in my legs. Steps and sitting down/getting up are tasks now because of my muscles. And in the picture, that is not a bad spray tan, that is dirt, pure dirt. I am sure Kevin never thought he would marry such a rough little girl :)