Monday, January 23, 2012

Go Blue Devils!!!

Let the game bgin...
My FAVE - COACH K, doing his usual getting onto the refs.

this was really cool...  the students laid on the floor and rolled on one direction with the Devil on top.  he was on a surf board and their movements moved him across them.  pretty cool.

but, if you look in the crowd of students (front row), you will see my favorite Cameron Crazy.
this nut had a a Duke Blue bikini top and snorkel goggles that he wore the entire game.

here you can see bikini boy a little better
After a 45 (at home) game winning streak, we saw the first loss since February 2009 :(  
Despite the ending, we had a GREAT time!!!  
FRONT ROW seats in a lot of madness!  
Even the Carolina fan (Kev) enjoyed the experience!