Friday, June 24, 2011

any ideas?

So being Queen of Thrift, I picked up Kay a high chair (vintage obviously) at the Rescue Mission Thrift Store. It is a Sears Roebuck "Honeysuckle" high chair and from what I have found online that appears very similar, I think it may be from the 40's or 50's. No real reason other that extreme curiosity, I am wondering exactly how old this is! Anyone have a clue?!?!

By the way - this was priced $12 at the Mission and I get a 50% discount for being a volunteer, so I got this bad boy for SIX BUCKS!!!

Oh Baby :)

overdue post - as of April 15th we have a new baby niece - Kaylee Jade Trivette :) I am off every Monday to keep this little doll! So far, so good - we are both surviving... These are just a few of my favorite pics.
on her birthday

first day I kept her...quick nap, didn't last long

happy baby!!! wearing a mow hawk better than anyone I know!

last week hanging out on her belly

and so cute that my brother put her in a tutu and headband just to come see her Auntie on Wednesday!!! I was thrilled that he dressed her up so cute just to come hang out with me!!!