Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weekend in Reidsville

The weekend following our trip to Southern Pines, we were in Reidsville for a wedding.

the champagne - nope, that would be Apple Cider :)

Willie and Dee having a good time!

Brent and Mary just before hitting the dance floor

and here we dance floor involvement!!

and this was taken Sunday at the
Yancey House... good eatin' :)
(the Yancey House is not in the picture,
that is just an old barn across the road)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Our 3rd Anniversary was yesterday! We spent a few days in Southern Pines just to "get away." Princess came with us and did great!!! Neat little area with lots of good shopping and of course... golf! We had a nice dinner at The Barn - Kevin had flowers delivered to the restaurant :)

This year's traditional wedding gift theme was leather... he gave me a leather Pandora bracelet with a charm (Journey) and I gave him two handmade pens (one was made from wood and one from a bowling ball!) and a leather pen sleeve. I think we both got pretty creative this year and were excited about our gifts!!!